Cabin Crew Medicals

We can screen and assess cabin crews at all stages of their careers

We can support cabin crews with specific pre-employment and annual medical requirements due to the nature of their workload.

From 8 April 2014, EASA EU-OPS requirements stipulate that all cabin crew members are required to undergo a medical examination or assessment. UK operators need a system for arranging periodic medical assessments of cabin crews, to maintain a medical record for each crew member and to ensure that each crew member has passed a medical examination or assessment at the required intervals.

Our team of Aeromedical Examiners (AME’s) have extensive experience in providing airlines with tailored services for their employees including flight and cabin crew.

We can provide periodic medicals for your cabin crew. These medicals can be conducted as part of pre-commencement screening and can be repeated on an annual basis to ensure appropriate health standards are maintained for work in a safety critical environment.

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